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Apartments Javor

What apartments do we offer?

We offer to short or long term rent the apartments at disposal: 1+ kitchenette, 2+ kitchenette or 3 + kitchenette. All apartments include following standard:

  • kitchenette (kitchen corner) including basic set of dishes and kitchenware, dishwasher
  • bathroom including toalet
  • a hall with enough space to accommodate personal belongings of guests
  • one indoor parking and lock box for skis
  • barrier free access – lift

The apartments are well equipped, some are equipped by wi-fi or are well equipped for families with babies. If the apartment is equipped by a dishwasher, you will find also washing tabs in the kitchen. You get more information about price and equipment in the detailed description of each apartment.  


The accommodation is offered without boarding. Each apartment is equipped by a modern kitchenette and kitchware. However if  you do not want to spend time by home cooking, there is a lot of restaurants, bars and pubs just couple steps away. If you request accommodation with breakfast or half board, we can arrange this in the Hotel Hnědý vrch.

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